Welcome to Cranberry Creek

Cranberry Creek is a farm built by a WWII veteran wanting to a craft a life and livelihood for his family. Now in 2016, we’re the 2nd and 3rd generation farmers of his enduring legacy. With the precipitous decline in commercially produced cranberry prices and a new era of farming afoot, we are innovating. Over the next decade we’ll be transforming our relationship with our cranberry consumers and how we grow them.

We want to thank everyone that supported our efforts for the 2016 harvest season. We offered our cranberries at Farmers Markets in Ashland, Eugene, Portland, and Coos Bay with a resounding success. Our cranberries are busy growing delicious fruit for 2017 and we are too. If you want to order your Certified Transitional Organic fruit for this fall, please don't hesitate to contact us:
(541) 347-6059