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A Little History...

Cranberry Creek is a farm built by a WWII veteran wanting to a craft a life and livelihood for his family. Now in 2015, we’re the 2nd generation farmers of his enduring legacy. With the precipitous decline in commercially produced cranberry prices and a new era of farming afoot, we are innovating. Over the next decade we’ll be transforming our relationship with our cranberry consumers and how we grow them. For now we’re starting by offering our fresh, delicious berries directly to restaurants and consumers.
Grown in the Napa Valley of cranberry growing regions, no cranberries contain a higher concentration of sugars, which means fewer sugars are needed when using them. On top of that, the cranberry is one of North America’s only widely produced native fruits -- and it’s a super fruit, packed full of incredible goodness. Delicious in sauces, smoothies, baked goods, or juices, the cranberry was introduced to the western culture at the first Thanksgiving, making it a uniquely American part of our heritage.

Our Story

The farm was built in the 1940s by Floyd Petersen, creating 9 acres of cranberries. It was run as a family farm until 1985 when my father, Richard Halliburton, purchased it to raise our family. I (Kent) grew up on the farm with my mother and two younger sisters, Jill, Megan, and Annie. The name Cranberry Creek is from what I consider to be the heart of a farm: a tributary at the bottom of our watershed that my father and I geo-engineered to be a forrest and creek from a swamp land. It’s a beautiful location. My father his incrementally developed the land over the last 31 years, integrating natural wildlife to create a biodiverse property. We have many “employees” including: skunks, newts, dogs, cats, bats, and swallows all of which help us control farm pests. We now farm more than 20 acres on our 60 acre piece of property.

I started helping on the farm when I was 5 years old working every summer as I went through school. My sisters helped throughout their childhood as well. After a seven year career in solar energy systems, I'm working to transition our farm for the future and keep it part of our family's heritage. 

We see the future as one with fewer middle men, and more direct relationships with our community of cranberry lovers wanting to enjoy the best cranberries grown right from the farm.